Women's Finals Wash Up Week 1

03 August 2022

Women’s Senior Division 1


Qualifying Finals: Geelong Amateur vs St Mary's

It was a dominant display by Geelong Amateur last weekend. They were on top from the start and gave St Mary’s absolutely no freedom to play their game. Danielle Gaylard was outstanding for Geelong Amateur as was Analea McKee. McKee was the tip of the spear up forward for Ammos finishing with four goals. Ella Firth was named the best for St Mary’s.

Geelong Amateur now move to the Grand Final while St Mary’s has a date with Grovedale in the Preliminary Finals. The Saints have won their past two encounters with the Tigers. Last time it was St Mary’s by 11 points. The match will be held at McDonald Reserve this Sunday.


Geelong Amateur: D. Gaylard, S. Riley, L. De Groot, J. Dorward, Cheryl De Groot, F. Hocking

St Mary’s: E. Firth, B. Mallia, T. Ryan, D. Stewart, K. Houghton, L. Gibbs


Geelong Amateur: 4 A. McKee, R. Arnold, C. De Groot, D. Gaylard

St Mary’s: Emma Allen

Final Score

Geelong Amateur: 7.8 (50)

St Mary’s: 1.1 (7)


Elimination Finals: Newtown & Chilwell vs Grovedale

This game was very close. But what gave Grovedale the victory, was their ability to convert. The Tigers also had four individual goal scorers to Newtown & Chilwell’s two. Emily Kenshole was the leading goal kicker on the ground with a pair of majors for Newtown & Chilwell, while Chloe Adams and newly crowned Division 1 Best & Fairest winner Alana Tully, were among the best for Grovedale.

Unfortunately, this is the end of the road for the Eagles after finishing third on the ladder to finish their Home & Away season. For Grovedale, it’s off to McDonald Reserve to face St Mary’s. As stated before, the Tigers haven’t been able to defeat St Mary’s all year, but this is Finals, and anything can happen on the day.


Newtown & Chilwell: C. Blakeway, R. Goring, A. Favell, M. Morrissy, B. Murphy-Bowen, M. Janssen

Grovedale: C. Adams, T. Hassett, A. Tully, E. Worpel, O. Kyatt, A. McLean


Newtown & Chilwell: 2 E. Kenshole, B. Wells

Grovedale: C. Adams, W. Hoffmann, D. Lodge, A. McLean

Final Score

Newtown & Chilwell: 3.6 (24)

Grovedale: 4.3 (27)



Women’s Senior Division 2


Elimination Finals: St Mary’s vs Torquay

Talk about an upset. St Mary’s have defeated Torquay twice this season but in Finals the past means naught. The Saints were in control for three terms, but due to sheer willpower, the Tigers got back in the game and pinched victory in the final term. Jaimie Castledine and Grace O'Kane each finished with two goals for their respective teams while Vanessa Rischitelli was named Best on Ground for Torquay.

Early in the season, Torquay and Drysdale have had some nailbiters. Drysdale got the chocolates in Round 1, but Grovedale snatched victory from the Hawks in Round 5. The Last time they met, however, Drysdale were dominant. This should be a tight contest with the winner going on to meet St Joseph’s at the big dance.


St Mary’s: L. McDonald, B. Gaylor, V. Nihill, S. Everitt, E. Host, H. Stansfield

Torquay: V. Rischitelli, B. Angell, K. Ryan, S. O'Meara, K. Doonan, G. O'Kane


St Mary’s: 2 J. Castledine, C. Elsworth, M. Sherman

Torquay: 2 G. O'Kane, J. Maney, L. Owens, Private Player

Final Score

St Mary’s: 4.3 (27)

Torquay: 5.3 (33)


Qualifying Finals: St Joseph’s vs Drysdale

After a slow start, St Joseph’s jumped Drysdale in the second term and continued their dominance until the final siren. Charlotte Simpson had a day out for Joey’s while Jane Burch and Emmalyn Nekrep combined to score four majors. Jessie Morrow played a good game on a tough day for Drysdale.

The Hawks now have a chance at redemption heading into the Preliminary Finals this weekend. Their output in the last match against Grovedale was superb, but Grovedale will be no easy target. The Hawks will have to fight for four quarters if they want to make the Grand Final.


St Joseph’s: C. Simpson, K. West, Z. Penno, K. Hardingham, A. Greaves, T. Lewis

Drysdale: J. Morrow, K. Atkinson, Tahli Benson, Emily Allan, Tara Smith, Josie Taylor


St Joseph’s: 2 J. Burch, 2 E. Nekrep, K. Hardingham, G. Incigneri, K. Kvant, T. Lewis, C. Simpson, M. Vials

Drysdale: M. Judd

Final Score

St Joseph’s: 10.11 (71)

Drysdale: 1.4 (10)


Women’s Senior Division 3


Qualifying Finals: Anglesea vs South Barwon

Like most of the ladder leaders throughout the Women’s Senior Divisions, Anglesea was victorious. But not by much. They almost lost the game due to pure inaccuracy despite owning the ball. With 15 scoring shots, they only converted two. South Barwon just fell away by four points. Division 3 Best & Fairest winner Maggie Caudullo, was named the best for the Swans with two majors.

Anglesea has punched in their Grand Final ticket as South Barwon prepares to face a defiant North Geelong outfit. The Swans have had a healthy record over the Magpies, but in their last match, South Barwon only won by three points. Beware the Magpies!


Anglesea: l. Firth, P. Lingam, R. Krenkels, O. Ritchie, A. Abbott, S. Bray

South Barwon: M. Caudullo, D. Wilson, J. Johnston, M. Puckett, A. Nicholson, C. Cox


Anglesea: l. Firth, C. King

South Barwon: 2 M. Caudullo, T. Coleman

Final Score

Anglesea: 2.13 (25)

South Barwon: 3.3 (21)


Elimination Finals: Lara vs North Geelong

A quick start by North Geelong saw Lara fight back in the second term. The third quarter turned into a tug of war, but in the final act, North Geelong put the foot on the accelerator to claim a convincing win. Division 3 Best & Fairest Runner Up Faith Qoon, was named among the best for North Geelong with Kaitlyn Bonney & Cecilia Lowrey, scoring two snags apiece. The best for Lara was Kara Stacey.

Lara's journey has come to an end, but North Geelong have an upcoming fight on their hands. South Barwon will be eager to make amends after losing a tight game to Anglesea. But the Magpies are every chance to win this game and make the Grand Final. It’s a big fight before the main event this Sunday at McDonald Reserve.


Lara: K. Stacey, Private player, E. Wilson-Macdonald, E. Henda, K. Smith, P. Scott

North Geelong: J. Coleman, F. Qoon, C. Lowrey, A. Scheitner, M. Rentsch, K. Bonney


Lara: 2 E. Henda, K. Smith

North Geelong: 2 K. Bonney, 2 C. Lowrey, J. Coleman, F. Qoon

Final Score

Lara: 3.7 (25)

North Geelong: 6.4 (40)

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