BFL Wash Up Round 12

22 June 2022

Barwon Heads vs Torquay

A fight back in the second term saw Barwon Heads take the lead, from there, the real test began. Torquay struck back with five unanswered majors in the third quarter. From there, the Tigers moved on to a convincing 30-point victory.

The Seagulls are still that step below the elite talent. They will get their chance again in their next match against Drysdale. But they will need to produce a four-quarter effort if they are to down the ladder leaders. Torquay will face Ocean Grove as the Tigers return to their den.


Barwon Heads: K. Maher, N. Avery, M. Philp, M. Beckwith, K. Treweek, O. Wiltshire

Torquay: M. Hurley, B. Henderson, S. Caruso, M. Croxford, B. Raidme, B. McNamara


Barwon Heads: 3 S. Baker, 3 N. Brown, C. Hurst, S. Lyle, N. McGregor-Dawson

Torquay: 3 T. Grace, 2 C. Currie, 2 T. Diamond, 2 W. Doyle, S. Caruso, J. Darke, J. Dawson, S. Ham, B. Raidme

Final Score

Barwon Heads: 9.12 (66)

Torquay: 14.12 (96)


Geelong Amateur vs Drysdale

Another supreme victory by Drysdale. Mat Hebbard was outstanding last Saturday with an eight-goal performance.  You can’t give the Hawks an inch, they must be matched in every term. Despite their undefeated streak, they have shown that they can be shaken.

The last time Drysdale met Barwon Heads in the first round, the Seagulls lost by very little. Perhaps this weekend may serve as a challenge for the mighty Hawks. As for Geelong Amateur, they will want a big win against Portarlington, they are just hanging onto their current fifth spot.   


Geelong Amateur: S. Darley, J. Jans, C. Lewis, L. Devine, J. Edwards, J. Lee

Drysdale: C. Lynch, M. Hebbard, N. Egan, J. Breust, M. Mcguire, J. Jenkins


Geelong Amateur: 2 B. Barnett, 2 M. Hungerford, 2 J. Lee, S. Darley, J. Jans, C. Jarrad, C. Lewis

Drysdale: 8 M. Hebbard, 3 J. Breust, 3 B. Sykes, 2 B. Henderson, F. Chisholm, N. Egan, M. Mcguire, B. Ryan

Final Score

Geelong Amateur: 10.10 (70)

Drysdale: 20.13 (133)


Newcomb vs Portarlington

The Power has been good in recent weeks. Put wins and losses aside, you can see when a team is competing despite their circumstances. The win was well deserved, Andrew Steel finishing with five majors with Jack Duke just behind him with four.

Newcomb face an intriguing match-up this weekend when they meet the Coutas. The Power will play on home soil, but Queenscliff will want to bounce back after a poor defeat from Modewarre. The Demons will face Geelong Amateur.


Newcomb: M. Walson, M. Andrews, B. Ritchie, K. Bourke, B. Rees, T. Courtney

Portarlington: W. Foott, I. Holroyd, M. Farrell, S. Walton, T. Benham, R. Salvador


Newcomb: 5 A. Steele, 4 J. Duke, B. Gebert, R. Hollins, S. Mullahy, B. Rees, E. Taylor, M. Walson, Portarlington: N. Cini, H. Vella

Final Score

Newcomb: 15.26 (116)

Portarlington: 2.2 (14)


Ocean Grove vs Anglesea

Ocean Grove will be bitter on that defeat. They came out strong and played solid football for three quarters, but not four. The Kangas just hopped over the line with the help of Ben Jaska finishing his day with a bag.

Anglesea will return home this weekend when they face Modewarre who are coming off a solid win. Ocean Grove will find it tough to beat Torquay on their home ground.


Ocean Grove: T. Chalkley, J. Horton, R. Hobbs, M. Taylor, M. Sutton, T. Ruck

Anglesea: L. Beers, B. Jaska, R. Williams, M. Mauderer, J. Moverley, T. Leeds


Ocean Grove: 3 M. Taylor, 2 K. Annand, 2 E. Dayman, T. Chalkley, H. Cunningham, H. Dolley, N. Down, F. Long, D. Moroney, J. Paterson, H. Pearce, M. Sutton

Anglesea: 5 B. Jaska, 2 L. Beers, 2 D. Elliott, 2 T. Leeds, 2 N. Rivalland, 2 R. Williams, L. Holland, M. Mauderer

Final Score

Ocean Grove: 16.8 (104)

Anglesea: 17.8 (110)


Queenscliff vs Modewarre

After the Barwon Heads loss, Modewarre has been on a role lately. Seven goals to Tom Hornsey, the man proved to be unstoppable. Connor Joseph was no slouch either with six majors for his tally.

The Coutas seem to be a little off in recent weeks, they desperately need the win against Newcomb at PlasterCom Oval but Power seem to be ready to fight.  The Warriors will take on Anglesea, and you could imagine Modewarre will want to put the foot down early.


Queenscliff: C. Whitley, L. Kidd, C. Durran, A. Hogan, D. Gibbs, I. McCabe

Modewarre: T. Hornsey, C. Joseph, J. Finch, O. Butler, J. Beardsell, T. Anderson


Queenscliff: 3 T. Dickinson, 2 C. Whitley, C. Durran, J. Hedley, J. McIvor-Clark, O. Courtney, J. Rush

Modewarre: 7 T. Hornsey, 6 C. Joseph, 2 J. Finch, C. Farrell, B. Wemyss, T. Worpel

Final Score

Queenscliff: 10.14 (74)

Modewarre: 18.14 (22)













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