BFL Weekend Wrap Round 4

27 April 2022

Barwon Heads vs Modewarre Seniors

It was a dominant display from Barwon Heads as Modewarre didn’t even come close to Barwon. The final result was a 50-point smashing by Barwon led by Nathan Brown with six goals to his name. The Warriors will need to regroup next week when they face Newbcomb at Mount Moriac Reserve. For Barwon Heads, their next challenger is Queenscliff.


Barwon Heads: M. Dyer, K. Polley, R. Harvey, N. Aulsebrook, S. Lyle, J. Mclauchlan

Modewarre: N. Matthews, D. Beames, J. Finch, O. Butler, M. Fenton, M. Kasparian


Barwon Heads: 6 N. Brown, 3 B. Harvey, 2 L. Wilson, S. Baker, S. Lyle, N. McGregor-Dawson, M. Phelps

Modewarre: 2 T. Hornsey, A. Black, C. Joseph, M. Overman, M. Harper

Final Score

Barwon Heads: 15.14 (104)

Modewarre: 7.12 (54)


Geelong vs Newcomb

Geelong is starting to regain their momentum after smashing Newcomb by 66 points. Newcomb had no answers for Harry Kershaw who kicked six majors in a dominant display. Anglesea is the next stop for Geelong while Newcomb will want a better effort when they meet Modewarre.


Geelong: T. Stephen, H. Kershaw, J. Scarlett, L. Devine, S. Darley, D. McNeel

Newcomb: J. Scott, R. Jackman, E. Taylor, J. Duke, F. Anscombe, B. Berry


Geelong: 6 H. Kershaw, 3 B. Barnett, 3 T. Stephen, 2 E. Farley, K. Bucovaz, S. Bucovaz, S. Darley, L. Devine, J. Edwards, S. Hosking, D. McNeel, L. Reilly

Newcomb: 4 J. Duke, 2 A. Steele, 2 E. Taylor, B. Berry, B. Ritchie

Final Score

Geelong: 22.8 (140)

Newcomb: 10.14 (74)


Queenscliff vs Ocean Grove

Another strong effort from Ocean Grove, saw them slip away again just finding victory out of reach. In the end, it was Queenscliff that snatched the win by 13 points. Ocean Grove has been pushing their opponents lately, perhaps it will be the next match against Portarlington that finally gives them the win they need. Queenscliff will have an even greater challenge on their hands at home when they face Barwon Heads.


Queenscliff: N. Maishman, N. Fenby, D. Whitley, J. Rush, L. Cohen, A. Hogan

Ocean Grove: M. Taylor, J. McHenry, J. Paterson, C. Snookes, K. Annand, J. McDonald


Queenscliff: 2 N. Maishman, 2 J. Rush, S. Bowtell, B. Dawson, L. Kidd, J. McIvor-Clark, A. Naylor, C. Turner, C. Whitley, D. Whitley

Ocean Grove: 3 J. McHenry, 3 J. Paterson, J. Brew, J. Horton, J. McDonald

Final Score

Queenscliff: 12.7 (79)

Ocean Grove: 9.12 (66)


Torquay vs Anglesea

The Tigers continue to maul through the competition, this time, their prey was the Kangaroos who were completely destroyed by 132 points. Callum Currie and Lucas Anderson ran rampart kicking over a big of six majors each. Torquay is yet to find a true challenge, but with Drysdale undefeated they yet find one in the Hawks. Anglesea will have to their focus to Geelong when they return home next Saturday.


Torquay: C. Currie, N. Mifsud, W. Tamassy, Sh. Ham, L. Anderson, S. Caruso

Anglesea: A Caldwell, S. Umbers, R. Williams, K. Iversen-Smith, B. Jaska, J. Keras


Torquay: 6 L. Anderson, 6 C. Currie, 3 T. Grace, 2 J. Darke, 2 B. Henderson, 2 N. Mifsud, 2 B. Raidme, 2 H. Darke, W. Doyle, W. Tamassy, T. Yensch, S. Caruso

Anglesea: 2 B. Jaska, 2 J. Keras, O. Balderas, J. Elliott, J. Harrison, M. Mauderer, D. Pettingill

Final Score

Torquay: 29.18 (192)

Anglesea: 9.6 (60)


Portarlington vs Drysdale

It was another day of hell for the Demons, while the Hawks are flying high. 127 points was the deficit as Portarlington take another pounding. Drysdale is up and about, but the celebrations will have to be cut short. Torquay is the only thing standing between them, and the top of the ladder. This is the real test come next Saturday.


Portarlington: M. Ruiter, T. Benham, J. Cummins, S. Walton, S. Wiffen, J. Woodhams

Drysdale: B. Beardsell, J. Watson, L. Dalgleish, M. Hebbard, B. Fennell, J. Breust


Portarlington: 2 J. Woodhams, J. Benjamin, L. Hart

Drysdale: 7 M. Hebbard, 6 B. Beardsell, 4 J. Breust, 2 J. Hargreaves, F. Chisholm, M. Clark, N. Egan, B. Ryan

Final Score

Portarlington: 4.4 (28)

Drysdale: 22.23 (155)

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