GFL Weekend Wrap Round 3

27 April 2022

Geelong West Giants vs Newtown& Chilwell

In the first half, the Giants were just behind the Eagles by three points, but as soon as the second half began, Newtown & Chilwell obliterated Geelong West by 47 points.

Next weekend, Geelong West will look to bounce back against Lara at the Giants’ home ground. Newtown & Chilwell remain undefeated and are flying with confidence. They will carry that into their next match against St Albans.

Geelong West: M. Cossins, J. Collins, T. Lewis, B. Maurer, M. Kelly, D. Peel
Newtown & Chilwell: M. McMahon, L. Waddell, C. Byrne, T. Miles, M. Boag, C. Wilkinson

Geelong West: 2 J. Collins, D. Peel, E. Ajang, T. Lewis, P. Moimoi, J. Symes, T. Watts
Newtown & Chilwell: 3 L. Bond, 2 M. Diamond, 2 N. Harris, 2 J. Sheahan, 2 L. Waddell, M. Boag, C. Fopiani, C. Harris, T. Miles, T. Sauni

Final Score
Geelong West: 8.15 (63)
Newtown & Chilwell: 16.14 (110)


Bell Park vs Colac

After a great start from Bell Park, Colac managed to bridge the gap quickly in the first term. After taking the lead at halftime, the Tigers would go on to maul the Dragons by 53 points.

Bell Park’s next stop is Windsor Park where they will meet North Shore who is also coming off a monstrous loss to St Mary’s. Colac will battle Leopold in a fight that will dictate who sits in fourth place.

Bell Park: D. Brown, J. Gorman, L. Patten, Z. Mirkovic, K. Petering
Colac: J. McCormack, K. Spokes, L. Simpkin, D. Lang, A. Garner, H. Walsh

Bell Park: J. Bright, H. Lear, H. Lucas, D. McDowell, L. Patten, N. Petering, B, Worme
Colac: 4 A. Garner, 3 D. Felekos, 3 J Simpkin, 2 L. Hillman, D. Lang, J. McGuane, K. Spokes

Final Score
Bell Park: 7.10 (52)
Colac: 15.15 (105)


Leopold vs St Albans

St Albans really took it up to Leopold in the first term, but the Lions fought back harder in the second with five unanswered goals. As the pressure mounted St Albans could not keep pace and North Shore claimed victory by 57 points.

Better signs from St Albans than in the previous rounds. But they will have to put in a four-quarter effort if they are to topple their next opponent in Newtown and Chilwell. For Leopold, it’s a battle of the big cats next Saturday when they take on Colac.

St Albans: R. Maibaum, B. Williamson, J. Edmonds, P. Norton, L. Justin, O. Tate
Leopold: J. Saltalamacchia, W. Hough, J. Russell, B. Somers, B. Miller, T. Caudullo

St Albans: 2 B. Grills, T. Caudullo, W. Hough, B. Miller, A. Marsland
Leopold: 3 J. Edmonds, 3 M. Patten, 2 R. Maibaum, M. Case, B. Clark, J. Dickson, C. Giddings, P. Norton, M. Thompson

Final Score
St Albans: 7.5 (47)
Leopold: 14.20 (104)


St Mary’s vs North shore

St Mary’s continues their rampage as another team bites the dust. North Shore was keeping victory within reach for three quarters despite trailing in each term. In the final act, it was St Mary’s with eight unanswered goals that buried North Shore by 54 points.

St Mary’s will meet third-place South Barwon at McDonald Reserve for the only game on Sunday. The Seagulls will get their chance to bounce back against Bell Park.

St Mary’s: N. Nott, H. Benson, J. Blood, H. Ling, M. Augerinos, J. Dahlhaus
North Shore: H. Purcell, N. Lever, K. Annand, N. Dixon, H. Carr, W. Milsome

St Mary’s: 5 P. Dowling, 3 S. Bourke, J. Dahlhaus, 2 M. Augerinos, 2 J. Blood, 2 H. Kol, 2 C. Sprague, D. McMahon
North Shore: 4 H. Carr, 2 W. Milsome, K. Annand, N. Lever, J. Sammut-miljevic, T. Schwennesen, J. Widdison

Final Score
St Mary’s: 19.15 (129)
North Shore: 11.9 (75)


Lara vs Grovedale

Grovedale started off slow against Lara, but the Cats fell away and the Tigers took the win comfortably by 29 points. Lara’s inaccuracy in front of goal proved to be their undoing.

With more scoring opportunities than Grovedale, Lara will need to fix their scoring accuracy when they meet Geelong West at West Oval Reserve. For Grovedale, their next match is against St Joseph this coming Saturday.

Lara: J. Tomicic, C. Linehan-Cunningham, M. Day, T. Gunther, B. Goodwin, B. O’Brien
Grovedale: M. Chafer, H. Whyte, W. Ford, L. Smith, J. Tute, B. Morrissey

Lara: 3 M. Day, 2 D. Jose, B. Cockerill, B. Goodwin, T. Robertson
Grovedale: 3 M. Chafer, 3 C. Delaney, 2 C. Parish, 2 L. Smith, J. Dale, D. Kerr, J. Tute, F. Young

Final Score
Lara: 8.19 (67)
Grovedale: 14.12 (96)


St Joseph’s vs South Barwon

The Anzac Day game was nothing short of an arm-wrestle between South Barwon and St Joseph’s. The Swans got the better of the Joeys in the second term, but a hardened St Joseph’s claimed victory in the end by 14 points.

The Joeys are hopping along nicely this season, their next opponent will be Grovedale at Burdoo Reserve. South Barwon, on the other hand, will face the reigning premiers St Mary’s.

St Joseph’s: L. Webb, J. Gow, B. Haintz, R. Adams, Z. Alderton, J. O’Dwyer
South Barwon: L. Davis, S. James, D. Madigan, A. Higgins, R. Gough, L. Noble

St Joseph’s: 3 A. Gras, 2 P. De Grandi, 2 F. Mccombe, Z. Alderton, L. Antonac, S. Clohesy, J. Hovey, J. Mullen
South Barwon: 3 A. Boseley, 2 R. Dillon, 2 L. Noble, M. Caldow, J. Carmody, J. Driver, B. Scott

Final Score
St Joseph’s: 12.12 (84)
South Barwon: 11.4 (70)

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