BFL Wash Up Round 7

18 May 2022

Drysdale vs Anglesea

It was another massacre from the Hawks this weekend as Anglesea went down by 54 points. Anglesea came close to edging the score in the second term, but the Hawks stepped it up a notch in the third to become uncachable.

Anglesea will return home this weekend to face Newcomb which will be a less stressful task than Drysdale. The Hawks will remain at home and it will be Modewarre that pays them a visit this Saturday.

Drysdale: L. Dalgleish, J. Breust, J. Jenkins, C. Lynch, M. Hebbard, B. Beardsell
Anglesea: E. Floyd, L. Beers, L. Holland, J. Keras, J. Harrison, D. Elliott

Drysdale: 5 M. Hebbard, 2 B. Beardsell, 2 J. Breust, C. Lynch, B. Fennell, M. Gunn, B. Sykes
Anglesea: 2 J. Harrison, 2 B. Jaska, 2 R. Williams, A. Caldwell, J. Elliott

Final Score
Drysdale: 14.20 (104)
Anglesea: 8.10 (58)


Barwon Heads vs Geelong

It was a very tight contest between the Ammos and the Seagulls. But in the final term, Barwon Heads just wanted the win a little bit more. 14 points were the difference as Barwon Heads continue to prove themselves.

Barwon Heads will have a chance to gain some percentage this weekend when they meet Portarlington. Geelong will take on Ocean Grove who were no pushovers last week.

Geelong: C. Lewis, S. Bain, D. Lovick, S. Bucovaz, L. Devine, C. Kangars
Barwon Heads: K. Polley, R. Harvey, S. Lyle, N. Aulsebrook, L. Mitchell, S. Baker

Geelong: 4 K. Bucovaz, 2 B. Barnett, S. Bucovaz, J. Lee
Barwon Heads: 3 S. Baker, 3 S. Lyle, 2 N. Brown, 2 L. Vella, N. McGregor-Dawson

Final Score
Geelong: 9.7 (61)
Barwon Heads: 11.9 (75)


Modewarre vs Ocean Grove

Modewarre copped quite the scare last week as Ocean Grove led for three terms straight. It was a last gasp effort in the final quarter. The Warriors snagged five goals to Oceans Grove's two that had Modewarre steal victory by nine points.

Ocean Grove will be filthy on that loss to Modewarre. They have shown they can tackle some of the best, and they will get another test against Barwon Heads this weekend. Modewarre, on the other hand, will face the ultimate test with Drysdale as their next stop.

Modewarre: O. Butler, D. Hemphill, B. Wemyss, J. Finch, M. McKim, L. Phillips
Ocean Grove: E. Dayman, J. McDonald, M. Sutton, G. Campbell, J. Horton, K. Annand

Modewarre: 2 A. Black, 2 T. Hornsey, C. Farrell, C. Joseph, B. Wemyss, T. Worpel, T. Anderson
Ocean Grove: 4 E. Dayman, 3 J. Paterson, J. Horton, D. Moroney

Final Score
Modewarre: 9.14 (68)
Ocean Grove: 9.5 (59)


Torquay vs Newcomb

It was an inaccurate day for the Tigers scoring more than twice the amount of behinds than goals. Even though it was the slaughter of Newcomb by 71 points, inaccuracy could be Toquay's undoing against the harder competition.

Torquay will remain at McCartney Oval this Saturday, their next opponent will be Queenscliff. Newcomb will have to fend off Anglesea which might be more challenging than what the Roos scorecard shows.

Torquay: J. Ireland, W. Doyle, L. Findlay, N. Mifsud, E. McCoy, M. Croxford
Newcomb: O. Marshall, B. Rees, J. Duke, N. Brown, F. Anscombe, S. Scolaro

Torquay: 3 W. Doyle, 3 C. Heard, 3 C. Page, 2 T. Grace, S. Ham, N. Mifsud, J. Ireland
Newcomb: 3 J. Duke, 2 A. Steele, O. Marshall

Final Score
Torquay: 14.30 (114)
Newcomb: 6.7 (43)


Portarlington vs Queenscliff

Queenscliff took control of the game from the start of the first siren and the trend continued until the final horn. Another blow for the Demons this time defeated by 81 points.

Queenscliff will not find their next match so easy playing the Tigers on their home deck. For the Demons, their next match will be against Barwon Heads who have been on a roll lately.

Portarlington: M. Ruiter, J. Jones, T. Benham, S. Walton, L. Hart, S. Beeston
Queenscliff: D. Gibbs, C. Durran, B. Dawson, C. Whitley, J. McIvor-Clark, S. Bowtell

Portarlington: J. Benjamin, L. Hart, S. Wiffen, J. Woodhams, N. Woodhams
Queenscliff: 4 J. Durran, 3 B. Dawson, 2 T. Dickinson, 2 C. Durran, 2 J. Hedley, S. Bowtell, J. Maher, C. Turner, C. Whitley

Final Score
Portarlington: 5.10 (40)
Queenscliff: 17.19 (121)

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