GFL Wash Up Round 6

18 May 2022

Geelong West vs St Joseph’s

After an absolute demolition job on Geelong West by 100 points, one could easily see that the Joey's were sending a message to the rest of the competition.

This Sunday, St Mary's awaits St Joseph's in what looks to be the match of the round. Geelong West will have to seek redemption against Colac, which is easier said than done.

Geelong West: J. Wood, P. Moimoi, T. Watts, G. Slocombe, B. Mensch, T. Lovell
St Joseph’s: J. Hickey, R. Adams, J. Mentha, S. Clohesy, L. Antonac, J. Mullen

Geelong West: 2 D. Peel, A. Codd, T. Lovell, P. Moimoi, C. Griffin
St Joseph’s: 4 S. Clohesy, 4 J. Mullen, 3 A. Gras, 3 C. Mitchell, 2 L. Antonac, R. Adams, J. Buckley, P. De Grandi, B. Haintz, J. Mentha

Final Score
Geelong West: 6.4 (40)
St Joseph’s: 21.14 (140)


Colac Vs St Albans

It's games like this that you feel for St Albans. They have been hit with Covid, injuries, and bad form. 96 points was the deficit with Colac showing how ruthless they can be.

Colac will be strong favourites against Geelong West this week. The Giants are battered and bruised, and Colac will be ready to dish out more pain. As for the Saints, they will return home to play North Shore.

Colac: J. Williamson, J. Simpkin, L. Hillman, J. McCormack, A. Hawker, H. Walsh
St Albans: S. Donegan, B.McDonald, B. Miller, T. Caudullo, H. Howarth, B. Vermeulen

Colac: 6 L. Hillman, 3 A. Garner, 3 J. Williamson, 2 J. Simpkin, D. Felekos, B. Mahoney, L. McCarthy, J. McGuane, A. Walters
St Albans: 2 S. Donegan, B. Brogden, J. Saltalamacchia, B. Vermeulen

Final Score
Colac: 19.17 (131)
St Albans: 5.5 (35)


Grovedale vs Bell Park

With Bell Park early leaders in the first half, Grovedale clawed back into the contest to win by 17 points.

Bell Park will be disappointed with only one win for the season. This Saturday Lara is their next match, but the Cats might be more challenging than the Dragons think. The Tigers will face the Lions. Leopold is roaring and it will take some real doing to stop them.

Grovedale: J. Tute, F. Young, B. Ferguson, L. Davies, B. Campi, W. Ford
Bell Park: J. Bright, H. Lucas, L. Patten, W. Tobin, J. Sarcevic

Grovedale: 4 T. Gillett, 4 F. Young, 2 J. Erskine, W. Ford, D. Kerr, H. Whyte
Bell Park: 5 J. Bright, 3 J. Sarcevic, H. Dawson, T. Mahony, B. Worme

Final Score
Grovedale: 13.15 (93)
Bell Park: 11.10 (76)


Lara vs St Mary’s

Like most St Mary's matches, the game was going to turn ugly. However, the positive for Lara, is they were kicking straighter while St Mary's were 18 goals for 18 behinds. St Mary's were the victors by 51 points.

The run of easy wins might be over for St Mary's with St Joseph's ready to take the fight to them this Sunday. Then again, this is St Mary's. They do have a habit of obliterating their opposition. Time will tell.

For Lara, they have the Dragons this week in a very winnable game. After not winning a game all season, this could be it.

Lara: D. Jose, J. Marshall, M. Day, D. Weigl, B. Ettridge, K. Mackay
St Mary’s: T. Lang, M. Augerinos, C. Sprague, H. Ling, H. Benson, J. Jaska

Lara: 5 M. Day, 2 B. Harvey, B. Cockerill, T. Gunther, K. Lee-Feeney, J. Marshall
St Mary’s: 6 T. Lang, 5 P. Dowling, 3 H. McMahon, M. Augerinos, H. Benson, C. Sprague, J. Travaglini

Final Score
Lara: 11.9 (75)
St Mary’s: 18.18 (126)


North Shore vs Newtown & Chilwell

North Shore were the aggressors in the first half, leading Newtown & Chilwell by six points. However, Newtown & Chilwell found another gear in the second half and blew the Seagulls away by 39 points.

Newtown's percentage is beginning to slip, and Colac is looking to take that second spot on the ladder. They will have to be good against South Barwon this weekend, but the Swans are no amateurs. North Shore can bounce back against St Albans this week.

North Shore: N. Dixon, J. Leonard, B. Smith, S. Witherden, J. Davenport, P. Cleary
Newtown & Chilwell: N. Harris, M. McMahon, B. Reid, C. Wilkinson, C. Harris, B. Sutterby

North Shore: 2 H. Carr, 2 J. Davenport, N. Dixon, J. Leonard, W. Milsome, J. Purcell, J. Sammut-Miljevic, B. Tregenza
Newtown & Chilwell: 3 N. Harris, 3 M. McMahon, 2 L. Bond, 2 C. Harris, M. Boag, B. Hocking, B. Reid, J. Walters, C. Wilkinson

Final Score
North Shore: 10.6 (66)
Newtown & Chilwell: 15.15 (105)

South Barwon vs Leopold

Leopold has finally collected a real scalp with their 15 point win over South Barwon. The Lions led every term for the entire match despite South Barwon's persistence.

Leopold can continue their fine work when they face Grovedale in the Lions' den. South Barwon on the other hand, will need to regroup and prepare for a hungry Newtown & Chilwell.

South Barwon: L. Noble, T. White, S. James, F. Duryea, A. Boseley, M. Caldow
Leopold: S. Donegan, B. McDonald, B. Miller, Player, T. Caudullo, H. Howarth

South Barwon: 4 A. Boseley, 2 L. Noble, J. Broughton, J. Syddall
Leopold: 4 M. Patten, J. Edmonds, C. Giddings, S. Hughes, R. Maibaum, J. Pitt, L. Wagener, F. Wilson

Final Score
South Barwon: 8.15 (63)
Leopold: 11.12 (78)








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