GFL Wash Up Round 11

22 June 2022

Newtown & Chilwell vs St Mary’s

Very, very close. St Mary's was in front at every term, but they seem to have lost that intimidation factor. They still managed to keep the Eagles at bay, but only by five points. Makes us wonder if opposition coaches have picked up on things in the past few weeks.

Newtown & Chilwell will meet the Dragons at the Eagles nest. Bell Park were dissapointing last weekend. but they can be a wildcard. St Mary's will meet St Albans at The Gordon Tafe Oval.


Newtown & Chilwell: M. McMahon, L. Maddock, M. Lloyd, L. Bond, N. Harris, C. Wilkinson

St Mary’s: J. Blood, Z. Sherman, J. Garner, H. Ling, K. Chalcraft, J. Maishman


Newtown & Chilwell: 3 L. Bond, 2 B. Hocking, 2 M.McMahon, M. Boag, G. Bove, N. Harris, M. Lloyd,

St Mary’s: 2 J. Blood, 2 J. Garner, 2 D. McMahon, 2 Z. Sherman, J. Travaglini, N. Nott

Final Score

Newtown & Chilwell: 11.10 (76)

St Mary’s: 11.15 (81)


Colac vs Lara

The Tigers just keep on rollin. They really are a contender this year. Lara may be having a tough year, but Colac remain consistant.

St Joesph's will pay Colac a visit this weekend, the Tigers will have a real contest on their hands with the Joey's eager too keep their fifth spot. Lara will travel to Windsor Oval to meet North Shore.


Colac: B. Mahoney, T. Rieniets, L. Gorwell, J. McCormack, K. Spokes, L. Simpkin

Lara: K. Mackay, S. Purdy, D. Jose, B. Cockerill, J. Marshall, G. Munari


Colac: 4 D. Felekos, 3 D. Walters, 2 J. Barrow, 2 J. Simpkin, 2 K. Spokes, 2 J. Williamson, D. Lang, J. Makuey, J. McCormack, A. Walters, Z. Zdybel

Lara: 3 Zekiah Davey, 2 M. Day, T. Gunther, D. Jose, C. Linehan-Cunningham, C. O’Meara

Final Score

Colac: 20.17 (137)

Lara: 9.5 (59)


Leopold vs Bell Park 

It was a battle of the wildcards, and Leopold showed up as the Dragons fell away after ending the first term at 22 points apiece. Jack Pitt proved to the the differance, a bag to finish his day was a perfomance to watch.

Bell Park has shown some great form in the past except for the last two rounds. They have another tough match up against Newtown & Chilwell this Saturday. Leopold has the Sunday match against Geelong West at West Oval Reserve. 


Leopold: R. Maibaum, J. Pitt, N. Lane, H. Jennings, D. O’Brien, L. Wagener

Bell Park: L. Patten, Z. Mirkovic, S. Bensted, H. Lucas, H. Dawson


Leopold: 5 J. Pitt, 2 H. Jennings, 2 C. Giddings, 2 L. Justin, 2 M. Patten, 2 B. Williamson, M. Fromholtz, D. O’Brien, M. Thompson

Bell Park: 2 J. Fischer, 2 N. Petering, W. Christie, J. Hall, C. Sarcevic

Final Score

Leopold: 18.19 (127)

Bell Park: 7.9 (51)


North Shore vs Grovedale

A true master class performance from Cooper Langan. Unfortunatey, even with Langan kicking seven goals, it was not enough to get over the line against Grovedale. The Seagulls peppered the goal face in the last term but the Tigers defence stood up.

North Shore will have the chance to rectify their mistakes when they face Lara next. Grovedale will have a similar challenge against South Barwon


North Shore: C. Langan, P. Bellchambers, N. Dixon, S. Witherden, B. Gerrard, J. Purcell

Grovedale: H. Whyte, B. Campi, W. Jeffery, C. Parish, B. Morrissey, P. Knott


North Shore: 7 C. Langan, 2 J. Sammut-miljevic, 2 B. Smith, H. Burns, D. Harmer, M. Langan, C. Walmsley

Grovedale: 3 M. Chafer, 3 J. Erskine, 2 M. Harvey, 2 J. Lovegrove, 2 S. Walker, 2 F. Young, J. Tute, H. Whyte

Final Score

North Shore: 15.10 (100)

Grovedale: 16.8 (104)


St Albans vs St Joseph’s

Almost a 100 point victory to St Joseph's, the Joey's ran riot in the second term and continued their domination in the second half.

This week will not be so easy for St Joseph's. Colac has been in oustanding form, and this game could come down to the wire. St Albans, have a crueler match against St Mary's.  


St Albans: B. Reynolds, H. Elliot, S. Morell, B. Brogden, B. McDonald, J. Speed

St Joseph’s: A. Hickey, R. Ferguson, C. Mitchell, J. Gow, R. Adams, L. Antonac


St Albans: 2 H. Elliot, A. Beardsell, J. Eastwood

St Joseph’s: 4 J. Gow, 4 C. Mitchell, 2 Z. Alderton, 2 L. Antonac, 2 O. Hanneysee, R. Ferguson, A. Humphrey, P. Kelleher, J. Muhor, T. Owen

Final Score

St Albans: 4.4 (28)

St Joseph’s: 19.12 (126)


Geelong West vs South Barwon

The Swans spread their wings in the second quarter and flew until the final siren. Jame Syddall was the tip of the spear up forward for South Barwon. Syddall ended up with four goals to help his team over the line.

Geelong West will have to look forward to this upcoming Sunday. The last time Leopold and Geelong West met, only one point seperated these two teams. South Barwon should take their new found confidence home, were Grovedale is waiting. 


Geelong West: J. Wood, M. Kelly, J. Fleeton, B. Mensch, N. Gribble, G. Slocombe

South Barwon: T. Mulraney, F. Duryea, A. Higgins, K. O’Neil, A. Boseley, J. Syddall


Geelong West: 2 T. Watts, A. Codd, J. Collins, T. Evans, N. Gribble, B. Mensch

South Barwon: 4 J. Syddall, 3 A. Boseley, M. Caldow, J. Peters,

Final Score

Geelong West: 7.10 (52)

South Barwon: 9.16 (70)















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